Murozvi Capital is an advisory firm specializing in project financing and ISI amic finance. Murozvi Was formed out of the need to help people find external finance, understand what it means to be investor ready and to promote Islamic finance as a broadening of our horizons in terms of markets and ethics in finance.

We want to encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship by making sure people understand that money does not solve anything, BUT that a complete understanding of a business opportunity will bear fruit. We also want to educate the masses on what it is to own and run a business, because running and being a business owner is not for everyone. Having a true picture and appreciation is of great value.

Services on Offer at Murozvi Capital

Investor Ready Services

 IRS prepares you up to the stage Of financing and leaves you with skills that will help you in the future to help manage your business effectively


Project Financing

Project finance is the financing of long-term infrastructure, industrial projects and public services based upon a non-recourse or limited recourse financial structure, in which project debt and equity used to finance the project are paid back from the cash flow generated by the project.


Business Verification Tour

Clients may write a brilliant business plan and be able to articulate great growth strategies but it all comes down to verification Of those plans. This is basically the part where we have shown you that we have the ability to do the job and now it is your turn to show that you were truthful in you claims of the business plan.

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