About Murozvi Capital

Who We Are

Murozvi Capital is a financial Consultancy firm specializing in Project Financing, Commodity Trading and Investor Ready Services. Murozvi was formed out of the need to help people
find external finance and understand what it means to be investor ready, so that real business opportunities can be nurtured and then pursued.

We want to encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship by making sure
people understand that money does not solve anything, BUT that a
complete understanding of a business opportunity will bear fruit. We
also want to educate the masses on what it is to own and run a
business, because running and being a business owner is not for
everyone. Having a true picture and appreciation is of great value.

There is a general consensus that there is funding chasing too few
hands, this is not the case! People most of the time will be chasing
the wrong kind of funding and so the many disappointments we often
here about. We have seasoned partners who will make your project
dreams come true through tried and tested methods that have achieved
successful results globally. Africa has a real lack of project funding
that runs into the hundreds of billions of dollars and through our
commitment of making Africa great, we intend to close this gap as we
expand our foot print. Work with us, for we will recommend optimal
solutions to your project funding needs!

Having given you a sneak preview of what we are about, drop us a line
and we will do our very best to find a solution to your needs.