There is a general consensus that there is funding chasing too few hands, this is not the case! People most of the time will be chasing the wrong kind of funding and so the many disappointments we often here about. We have seasoned partners who will make your project dreams come true through tried and tested methods that have achieved
successful results globally. Africa has a real lack of project funding that runs into the hundreds of billions of dollars and through our commitment of making Africa great, we intend to close this gap as we expand our foot print. Work with us, for we will recommend optimal solutions to your project funding needs!

We live in an ever changing world and one sector that keeps it moving is finance. Islamic finance is has been growing in the recent years due to the fact that ethical finance is something that has become very attractive, since the problems brought about by the various financial crashes. Although it has been around for thousands of years, it was
thought to only be for the Muslims. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. Islamic finance is for everyone and promotes ethics in finance on all levels. Domiciled in, Zimbabwe we want to bring it over alongside conventional finance as a mechanism to promote ethical finance, expand our capital markets and increase our business partnerships as we seek to grow our economy in the long run.

Having given you a sneak preview of what we are about, drop us a line and we will do our very best to find a solution to your needs.