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Oil & Gas, Nigeria, $300m+, Financial Close

Gas, Zimbabwe, $150M+, Due Diligence in Progress
Mr Tonderai Pasipamire
An Investment Banking, Islamic Finance Professional and Entrepreneur with a passion for Africa empowerment. My Career milestones are:
1. (2012) At Tetrad Investment Bank we ran a portfolio worth $20m, of which I was directly responsible for $6.3m. The portfolio netted the bank, exclusive of cost of funds, over $4.5m.

2. (2012 – 2013) Worked for Nova Capital Global Markets LLC as an independent consultant on capital raising initiatives. Managed to seal a deal to raise $50m on behalf of a Zimbabwean financial institution through debt.

3. (2014) While doing my Investment Banking Analyst/Associate internship at Global Banking Training, UK, I managed to work on real – life deals that involved private and public companies in dairy, fashion, retail and telecommunication industries. Carried out financial, DCF, A/D, LBO, Comp, Sensitivity analyses for companies with revenues ranging from $500m to $6bn.

4. (2015 – 2017) Was a Weiji Originations director (Zimbabwe) with a mandate to look for transactions in need of growth, debt and equity capital. By the time I left, Weiji was in the process of capital raising deals (debt and equity) in Manufacturing ($14m w.i.p.) and Tourism ($50m w.i.p.). These did not happen due to extreme economic adverse conditions prevalent at the time

5. (2016 – Current) Saw the opening of Murozvi Capital, an investment banking and Islamic finance advisory firm. My role is mainly to do with business development and client management. Our milestones so far:
a. Partnered with a Mega Project Finance Group, looking to fund projects from $400m+
b. Currently, incubating the formalization of Islamic Finance in the country along side conventional finance.
c. Looking to empower MMEs and SMEs understand and become INVESTOR READY
c. Partnered with an EPC+F group that is also very vibrant on the African continent having finished many project in Africa
d. Partnered with Global project financier that will throttle Murozvi on many Government projects that will come our way